Softball is a Term 4 sport.

The format of the competition was revised in 2020.

Year 7-9 students will combine to play in a Junior competition on a Wednesday afternoon (4pm - 5.30pm)

Year 10-12 Students will combine to play in a one day carnival on Friday the 29th of October.

Please contact your school for details of match fixtures and venues, or better still, download the IGSSAWA App to your mobile device



Senior (Yrs 10/11/12)

Junior (Yrs 7/8/9)

  • Played as per draw.
  • Time: desired start time is 4.00pm and games are to conclude when even innings have been completed any time after 5.15m. (The top of an innings cannot be started after 5.15m � time and game is to be called). The latest a game is to finish is 5.30pm. Individual timers should run for each game. (see point 8.2)

NOTE: the only exception to the above is A Grade. They will play normal rules of 5 innings up to 5.30pm. The nine runner rule doesn�t apply to them and a new innings cannot be started after 5.15m (this time is taken from when the third out occurs, ie. close of previous innings). The umpires watch will be referred to.

  • Home school to provide a carbonated scoresheet and scorers to sit together.
  • Umpire to check score regularly.
  • The home school is to provide an umpire for each game played at their venues.
  • The two staff members and the umpire must confer at the start of the game and the umpire has the official game time.

Any/all general rules enclosed in the Guidelines for Coaches, Umpires and Players are to apply.

  1. Home teams take the field first
  2. In all fixtures, if there is not 9 in a team, then the non-batter(s) is/are an automatic out(s)
  3. In all grades except Senior and Junior A, a team will bat until the end of play for the 9th run. Once the 9th runner crosses the plate and the end of the play is signalled or 3 batters are out (whichever comes first) then the innings is closed. If the ninth runner is on base then play continues and batters continue to bat until the play is over for the ninth runner. All runs scored during the final play shall count.
    For example:
    The current score is 8 runs in that innings, a runner is on 2nd and 3rd. Batter hits and gets to 3rd base. Runners on 2nd and 3rd run home. Team score is 10 runs for the innings and the innings is over. Bu, if only the runner on 3rd made it home their score would be 9 runs for the innings and the innings would be over.
    After 5.15pm it is time and game once the team batting in the bottom of the innings overtakes the team batting in the top of the innings.
  4. Substitutions can be made after a player has played a full/complete innings. ie. Once a player has batted and fielded they may be substituted for a player that has not played. The substitute must take the batting position of the player that they have substituted for.
  5. Pin 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base and pitchers plate.
  6. Pitching Distance :
    Senior - 11.6m
    Junior A, B, C & D - 11m
    Junior E F G H � 10m
  7. Each diamond must have a safety base on 1st base.
  8. Left handed players are to take their own gloves to matches (all other gloves provided by home school)
  9. Batting helmets are to be provided by the home team (minimum of 5 per diamond).
  10. It is compulsory for catchers to wear scull caps, mask, throat protector, chest plates and leg guards which cover the knees. This equipment is provided by the home team.
  11. Coaching permitted at first and third bases by students or coaches.
  12. If the ball hits the cage/net, which should be 7.62m behind the home plate, the ball is still in play. If you do not have a cage then the ball is dead if it goes over the line. If a dead ball line is not marked the umpire will explain the boundary before the match commences.
  13. Mouthguards are rcommended.


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