Each school fills the following grades:

  • Senior  A  B
  • Junior   A  B  C  D

Junior (Yrs 7 - 9) Water Polo matches are played on Tuesday afternoons at HBF Stadium or St Hilda's.

Senior (Yrs 10 - 12) Water Polo play a one day carnival event at HBF stadium on Friday the 30th of October in 2020.

This sport has been played by several IGSSA schools for several years prior but was introduced as an official IGSSA sport in 2010.

Congratulations to St Hilda's who are the Champion School in Water polo for 2019,  just edging out Iona in 2nd place and followed closely by St Mary's and Santa Maria who were only one win behind.  Please see the results sections for all results this year.

Please contact your school for details of match fixtures and venues, or better still, download the IGSSAWA App to your mobile device!



Final Team Waterpolo Placings 2019

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IGSSA Water Polo Guidelines

Game Time

Length of matches must be at least 2 by 10 minute halves. Games are to commence at the allocated fixture time.

Age Group Categories

A Senior is a girl in Year 10, 11 or 12

A Junior is a girl in Years 7, 8. or 9

Each school must provide one staff member at each competition venue.

Substitutions and Reserves

Substitutions must be Senior to Senior, Junior to Junior and team grade to team grade - ie. Junior A cannot play below Senior A.

In the case of illness/injury, a Senior/Junior player may be substituted by a Senior/Junior player of a lower grade.

The following restrictions apply:

a) After playing three or more games in a certain grade, a girl may not play in a lower grade,

b) A student may play in only one match per fixture

c) Once a student takes the court/field in a higher grade and play has commenced, they cannot be substituted back downwards

Reserves - may take the field in the case of injury at any time, according to the rules of the game.