Hockey is a Term 2 sport played on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Wednesday Yr 7/8 A B
Thursday  Junior A B & Senior A B

All matches are scheduled to play from 4.00pm to 5.15pm

Please contact your school for details of match fixtures and venues, or better still, download the IGSSAWA App to your mobile device!



Senior A B

Junior A B

Year 7/8 A B C


School sports skirt or shorts, shirt, hockey socks, shin guards and mouth guards. Goalkeeper - tracksuit, pads and kickers, helmet and gloves. Goalkeeper is to pad up in plenty of time before match).

  • Played as per draw.
  • Senior teams play on Thursday 4.00 - 5.15pm
  • Junior teams play on Thursdays 4.00 - 5.15pm
  • Year 7/8 teams to play on Wednesdays 4.00 - 5.15pm.
  Home Away
Wednesdays   Senior A B   Year 7/ 8 A B
Thursdays   Junior A B   Year 7/ 8 A B
  • All current hockey rules are to be enforced.
  • Length of match - 2 x 35 minute halves or 5.15pm finish. Individual timers are to run for each game. Five minutes at half time.
  • Each team captain has a scoresheet.
  • Opposing Captains to check result at the end of the match.
  • Umpire or PE Staff to sign scoresheet.

All umpires, (two per game), are to be provided by home school.


Any/all general rules enclosed in the Guidelines are to apply.

  1. Rolling substitutions (up to 15 players) will apply. Umpires are to be informed of each change. In Year 7/8 you can have as many substitutes as you like.
  2. No penalty strokes in Year 7/8 hockey.
  3. Hold time for serious injuries to allow correct duty of care.
  4. If the defending team unintentionally touches the ball last, from anywhere on the pitch, before it goes over their backline a long corner is awarded (5 yards up the sideline- there should be a mark on the sideline to indicate this spot).
  5. Substitution is not permitted at penalty corners except for injury, after the award or during the taking of a penalty corner.
  6. A penalty corner awarded at half time or full time must be played out. Play is ceased when either a goal is scored, the ball passes over the sideline or backline, the defending team is awarded a free, or the ball is further than 5 yards out of the circle. If the attacking team is awarded a penalty corner or penalty stroke play only stops after one of the four scenarios above occurs.
  7. For free hits within 5 yards of the circle all players of both teams, other than the taker, are to be 5 yards from the ball. In all other instances at free hits the attacker may have a member of their team within 5 yards and the ball must go 1 yard. A free hit cannot be made directly into the circle. Venues shoulc have a 5 yard dotted line marked outside the circle.
  8. The centre pass can be hit/pushed (not flicked) to anywhere on the field (ie. forwards, backwards, sideways).
  9. When a defender (including the goalie) intentionally plays the ball over the backline from anywhere on the pitch, and no goal is scored, a penalty corner is awarded. When the ball is raised dangerously at another player, whether intentional or not, a free hit/push is awarded at the discretion of the umpire. The free hit is taken where the ball was deemed dangerous.
  10. Each team may play with:
    • a goalkeeper with goalkeeping privileges wearing full protective equipment comprised of at least headgear, leg guards and kickers and a different colour shirt
    • a goalkeeper with goalkeeping privileges wearing only protective headgear and a different colour shirt


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